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Stathis Antonakopoulos is an acclaimed expert in the Food Industry. He is an effective leader and ‘hands-on’ manager of people, achieving success by developing and engaging teams.  Antonakopoulos is results oriented with excellent Profit and Loss analysis and implementation.  He is commercially driven to achieve both customer and corporate objectives. Stathis has the unique ability to innovatively develop and upgrade procedures, operations, marketing, products and recipes while maintaining a strong hospitality & commercial perspective. With over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry in New York City, Stathis is a graduate of Baruch College of CUNY, with a Bachelors in Operations Management and International Marketing and MBA studies in Psychology of Online Marketing.


A dedicated and well-rounded hospitality executive with comprehensive experience in both front and back of house functions, Stathis has worked with a variety of upscale operations each requiring complex and demanding skills.  He is a competent professional with a demonstrated track record of consistently combining management and leadership in the food industry to achieve his client’s goals. Stathis was the VP of Sales for 5 years at a wholesale bakery in NYC, then he joined Kellari Hospitality Group as the Director of Operations where he grew the company from one restaurant to 6 restaurants grossing over 45 Million a year during his 7 years in the company.


Prior to creating Foodworks Plus he was most recently the owner/creator of STIX Hospitality Group.  He is married to his wife of 15 years and has a 6 year old son and a 3 year old daughter.


Stathis offers consultancy for businesses in the New York, New Jersey Tri-State area for any of your Food Development needs including, operations, training and sourcing for both FOH & BOH, restaurants, bars, QSR.















New product development in all food categories including:

_ Restaurants & Bar Total Management

_ Restaurants & Bar Operations

_ Restaurants & Bar Marketing

_ Menu & Recipe development

_ Training for FOH & BOH

_ QSR concept creation

_ Interior Design both FOH & BOH with operation functionalities

_ Construction project management of FOH & BOH

_ Brand Development & Design, Website Creation

_ Social Media team to launch & maintain your reputation










Ingredient and product sourcing and development:

- Innovation techniques

- How to achieve common sense thinking

- How to brainstorm successfully

- Product brief techniques

- Better understanding of the tastes and visual power of food











Product Launches

- Designing effective critical paths

- Experienced marketing support

- Artwork co-ordination




- Sourcing the right ingredients for your business

- Developing new and bespoke products

- Improving existing ingredients

- Working with suppliers on specific briefs

- Undertaking and overseeing all types of factory trials to completion and sign off










Value engineering of current products:

- Removing cost but maintaining quality

- Multi use menu planning

- Streamlining sku’s and bought in ingredients to capitalize on high     sellers and minimum waste












Menu development and upgrading:

- Transforming your products to become Best in Class










Brand Development & Website design:

- Stathis has a small team who work with him specializing in designing, modernizing or simply upgrading Brands & Websites for food companies.

- This includes Tasos Mentis, a renowned food photographer and Stathis who designs the overall site, writes content and art directs all photography according to the brief.

- These websites are put together in very reasonable time frames, with great attention to detail, and are very cost efficient. 













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